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Reduce Wastewater

beta.f Filtration System for Dampening Solution
This system uses a two-stage filtration to extend the life of dampening solution from 2-4 weeks to 8-12 months, creating a dramatic reduction in the amount of dampening solution that requires disposal. The beta.f fine-filtration unit can also be integrated into the CombiStar - upgrading it to a CombiStar Pro.
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WaterMizer - Plate Processor Wash Water Recirculator
The WaterMizer is a plate processor water recirculator designed to decrease the amount of water used by the plate processor of a thermal CtP recorder. The WaterMizer will mix an adjustable amount of fresh water with the existing processor's wash water. The recirculation of filtered wash water will dramatically decrease the amount of fresh water required by plate processing equipment conserving water and saving sewage costs.

Prinect - a modular, scalable, open system

Prinect integrates existing and newly developed products throughout the entire production workflow. Prinect Overview

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