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"Need Help Fast? No Problem!"

Hackers, viruses and worms? No chance! Heidelberg Systemservice has increased the security of its web-based Remote Service platform yet again. Digital trouble makers are powerless against this state-of-the-art technology - as verified by the renewed certification from the independent TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜViT).

In the case of a disturbance, print shops need fast and uncomplicated help. Remote Service from Heidelberg offers this kind of rapid support - and not just in emergency situations. Print shops simply connect their production system via the Internet to the local Heidelberg Systemservice location, which can then immediately access all relevant machine data. In this way, Heidelberg Systemservice is able to diagnose problems online and fix many right away at the first contact. Print shops can also use Remote Service preventatively: they can obtain concrete tips, such as ink zone settings or machine operation, carry out a remote inspection of the equipment or have critical machine parts examined in order to prevent production downtime early on.
Remote Service - highest security standards

  • Firewall - communication only through HTTP ports
  • User and device authentication - with username/password combination
  • Secure layer - full integration to customer's existing network policies and security measures
  • Data encryption - during transmission via internet
  • Tunneling - VPN tunnel between customer's machine and Heidelberg encrypts all data via SSL connection, providing "tap-proof" communication
Exemplary Customer Protection
The prerequisite for this web-based help is absolutely safe data transfer between the print shop and Heidelberg. Secure transmission of data over the Internet cannot be taken for granted because there are a fair amount of trouble makers lurking around in cyberspace. In the light of increasing cyber-crime, Heidelberg is constantly examining its service for possible weak points. "Our particular attention is focused on preventing unauthorized access to company data. We know that this is a sensitive point for print shops that use Remote Service," reports Bernhard Steinel, Senior Vice President of Systemservice at Heidelberg.

With the help of the latest technology and processes, Heidelberg is continuously increasing the security of the Remote Service platform in order to always stay one step ahead of the cyber troublemakers. "We now encrypt the transferred data even more than before. Thus, customers can be certain that no unauthorized person will be able to view their information. This is because all systems that communicate with the Remote Service platform from Heidelberg work at the highest level of security," explains Bernhard Steinel.

Pioneer in the Print Industry
Renewed certification by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜViT) in 2007 confirms the fact that the security standards of Heidelberg Remote Service are unusually high. The TÜViT, an independent service provider which carries out IT security checks according to international standards, awarded the Remote Systemservice with the certificate "Trusted Site Security." And this is already the second time, because back in 2004, Heidelberg was the first printing press manufacturer worldwide to get certification from the TÜViT . Thus Heidelberg operates its Internet services at the highest levels of safety. Heidelberg's pioneering role in IT security is very important to Bernhard Steinel, "IT security isn't a status you achieve once. We're therefore constantly checking and improving it. Our goal is to be the leader not just in machinery but also in security on the World Wide Web."

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