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Color Management

A perfect match, even for repeat jobs - thanks to Prinect.
Consistent color quality across different runs and matching with approved print sheets are a must in packaging printing. That's why Prinect includes calibration, profiling, and quality control tools - for reliable and consistent results that are reproducible sheet after sheet and repeat after repeat.
Like two peas in a pod
The color management function incorporated in prepress ensures precise color reproduction in the proof thanks to ICC profiles and appropriate calibration of the proofer and platesetter. There is an interface to forward automatic press presetting data directly to the press, where you also have access to thumbnails and all the relevant job data. With its unique closed color loop, Prinect ensures a reliable match between proof, print, and repeat jobs, and delivers results that are accurately reproducible time after time without lengthy setup times. Inking up is quick and reliable and consistent quality is ensured.
Reliable measurement and control
Any color or register fluctuations can be identified and corrected directly by the Prinect measuring systems. Depending on the system used, measurements can be performed in the color bar or the entire print image, on a random basis outside the press or inline on the fly. Prinect checks every single detail, identifying any flaws in the print image. The Prinect control systems spot even the tiniest deviations, mark defective sheets and remove them directly. This optimizes quality without wasting valuable time or paper.
Get Prinected:

  • Color management that ensures a perfect match between originals and prints - in particular for repeat jobs.
  • Shorter make-ready times at the presses thanks to presetting data from prepress.
  • Measuring systems that ensure excellent print quality during the entire process and enable you to make corrections quickly.

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