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Five Good Reasons to Choose Prinect

1. One system for all tasks
Prinect from Heidelberg is more than just a workflow solution. Because it optimizes more than the individual production operations in your print shop. Prinect controls and coordinates their interplay. It collects and standardizes information and makes it available centrally. This tightly links all processes. It is this integrated Heidelberg concept that opens the doors to new solutions - and makes Prinect so uniquely effective.
2. Consistent operating philosophy
All Prinect components work with the same operating philosophy: the Prinect Cockpits are identically structured and operated in the same way. Their standardized, intuitive user interface can be learned quickly without instruction, and new users get the hang of the system fast.
3. Central data administration
Job and customer-specific master data only needs to be entered once. Prinect consistently structures this data, saves it to a central JDF file, and administers it throughout the production process. This makes sure that all Prinect components always access up-to-the-minute data. Changes made to data take effect immediately. This gives you, for the first time ever, truly complete data consistency.
4. Everything from one source - for good reasons.
All Prinect components come from the same source. Heidelberg's development engineers exhaustively test them to ensure they harmonize optimally, and all of them are subject to the same, synchronized upgrade cycle. This ensures that each individual product works reliably throughout its life cycle. It also keeps the overall workflow performing at a consistently high level, while regularly adjusting it to accommodate new production requirements. In the past, if your workflow comprised equipment from different manufacturers then upgrading was often a nightmare: the entire system would be out of action until you had individually upgraded all of the individual software components. Even worse, the adjustments frequently had to be made by different software or system vendors, without anyone clearly taking responsibility for the interfaces that are so vital for ensuring your overall system works properly. With Prinect, all that has changed. Heidelberg has shouldered the responsibility - a approach that is unique in the printing industry. It safeguards your investments and lets you calculate in advance how much it will cost to run everything.
5. Heidelberg systemservice, your direct contact for help.
As your strong, reliable partner, Heidelberg takes care of installing and maintaining your Prinect components. The consultants and technical specialists of Heidelberg system service personally attend to your questions and problems around the clock. So you can depend on receiving competent support at all times, from a partner who is intimately familiar with your entire print shop workflow.

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Prinect integrates existing and newly developed products throughout the entire production workflow. Prinect Overview

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