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Get Prinected:

  • Routine operations are completed automatically, thereby ensuring that errors are avoided.
  • Fast processes with customized configuration simplify data checking.
  • Excellent control and reproducibility thanks to precisely documented, standardized data.
Speed up printing and dispense with routine prepress tasks.

Manual data checking and processing can be very time-consuming and tie up capacity. Simplify and speed up production and testing operations and concentrate on what is important - prepress efficiency. Prinect offers you powerful modules - for a prepress workflow with customized automation. Make your own rules, optimize workflows and monitoring, select a level of automation to match your print shop's current requirements - and make your data processing quicker, simpler and more reliable with Prinect. The data supplied is checked quickly and extremely precisely. Errors are identified and reliably logged. Prinect shows you the changes required - and can perform them as part of the same process if necessary.

Simple, faster and more reliable
Prinect avoids operating errors, boosts capacity utilization at your print shop, and can grow in line with your needs. How is this possible? Prinect consists of a number of software modules that cover everything from automatically checking and optimizing print data, impositioning the sheet layout, ripping, calibrating and proofing with approval cycles to assigning and implementing the right screening method and archiving job data. The modules can be grouped into customized process templates, including all automatic processes and checkpoints. Data is checked and processed in the background and you receive a detailed report with a full set of results and warnings if action is required. This makes oversights and routine errors a thing of the past.

A good overview of processes
Use Prinect to define your processes and determine the right template to use at the job planning stage. You have an on-screen overview of all modules and can operate them with the greatest of ease using standardized, user-friendly menus. Alternatively, data can be checked fully automatically when data is imported into the production system.

Prinect automates repetitive sequences of prepress operations according to fixed rules. You are free to vary the level of automation and can automate anything from complete workflows and approval processes to subprocesses such as data trapping or checking PDFs. The choice is yours! The individual prepress modules making up Prinect function independently, but greater integration offers more options. Prinect grows in line with your needs.

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Prinect Modules Involved
Prinect Modules Involved

Modules in the semi-automated solution:

Prinect Modules Involved
Prinect Modules Involved

Modules in the fully automated solution:

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