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Color and Quality

Color and Quality Management
The integrated color workflow - reliable inking and reproducible quality.

Inking up is quick and reliable with Prinect, and quality can be controlled and kept consistent across the entire run. How is this possible? In the integrated color workflow with Prinect, printing is based on well-defined, standardized values that can be reliably controlled with measuring equipment. At the prepress stage, for example, you establish parameters to automatically preset your press, thereby turning prepress and the pressroom into a single system.

Prinect enhances cost-effectiveness by giving you control over color and quality management, and by enabling you to reproduce results and ink up reliably with minimal paper waste and short make-ready times. You benefit from consistent production run quality and get more out of your press.

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The Color Workflow with Prinect
The Color Workflow with Prinect

Prinect User Guides - Color and Quality
Prinect User Guides - Color and Quality

In the publication series 'Prinect User Guides - Color and Quality' we aim to take a closer look at individual aspects of the color work- flow. The focus here is on practical applications. Please click on the following links to download the PDFs:

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