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Make-ready Optimization in Pressroom

Get Prinected:

  • Short make-ready times and fast job preparation thanks to direct data accessibility.
  • Reliable coloring and less paper waste thanks to presetting data from prepress.
  • Excellent reliability in production and reproducible quality for repeat jobs.
Just imagine the extent to which minimizing manual tasks speeds up print production and frees up additional capacity! Prinect automatically provides you with all relevant job data at the control station - from paper type, format, color and run length to job number, customer name and register marks. Get up and running faster, using thumbnails to help you identify the relevant job. Ink presetting data created at the prepress stage is also transferred. Typical properties of the print job are taken into account and ink zones are set faster. This means you can set up the press efficiently with only a small amount of paper waste and also ink up quickly. The setup process is consistently reproducible and reliability in production is enhanced. At the end of the day, this results in better print quality by leaving you more time for fine-tuning.

Fast job preparation
Job preparation is also much quicker at the new press control station. With Prinect, it can start while another job is still under way. By comparing the current job with the next job in the schedule, Prinect establishes which settings can be left and the changes that actually need to be made. This generates a dynamic process list with an optimum sequence of steps for automatic processing. It also reduces setup work by up to 70 percent, minimizes errors and cuts make-ready times.

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