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Material and Logistics

Get Prinected:

  • Central materials management and automated ordering.
  • Simple overview of all material stocks.
  • Just-in-time delivery.
Automated processes simplify warehouse storage and ordering.

There are many different products to be managed at your print shop, such as paper, ink and blankets. Do you always know where these items are located and when they need to be reordered? Prinect provides an efficient solution. Put your warehouse storage and logistics in professional hands and optimize your stocks to eliminate production stoppages due to product unavailability, while at the same time tying up as little capital as possible.

No more assumptions
Prinect has a central master data management system that is particularly useful when it comes to material sourcing and logistics planning. Inventory management - based on material consumption reports, for example - is made easy by the fact that you see all the relevant details in real time. Once stock levels fall below a certain minimum level, Prinect automatically notifies your purchasing department and initiates the order process. Just-in-time orders are possible, too.

Provide your purchasing department with a solid foundation. Prinect gives you a permanent overview of all materials and products stored at your print shop. This allows you to plan material flows with absolute certainty, saves time and cuts productivity losses.

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Prinect Modules Involved
Prinect Modules Involved

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