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Network Analysis

Need an independent set of eyes to look at your network infrastructure?
This is always a good thing because of significant technological advancements in this area. But having someone familiar with printing workflows is a key factor for printers whose core business is, of course, printing.
Heidelberg offers printers assistance in auditing and optimizing their production network for print production with a Print Production Network Analysis. A Heidelberg expert will identify deficiencies and provide recommendations to the overall Print Shop. A professional final report provides executive-level content and extensive technical findings. The report also includes action items and specific advice for performance, reliability, availability, scalability, compatibility and compliance.

  • Infrastructure maps and documentation
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Audit all Network equipment
  • Server/Workstation/Proofer Analysis

Customer Benefits
  • Independent review of your plant's equipment, policies and procedures
  • Future-proof your network
  • Ease of Use - Powerful Wizards help you setup
Heidelberg can provide a one-stop source for purchasing, implementing, documenting and training your staff. Or you can do it yourself based on our recommendations.
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