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Get Prinected:

  • Harness synergies to win new customers and reinforce customer loyalty.
  • Better capacity utilization.
  • Warehousing of print products and other items can be outsourced.
Expand your portfolio by turning the customer portal into an online shop.

Besides using your online portal for rapid print job processing, you can also give customers the option of ordering additional services and products online.

Prinect enables you to harness synergies, providing comprehensive customer support while also achieving better capacity utilization for warehousing or delivery runs. Offer services from a single source. Your customers can purchase items online, check an outsourced warehouse or request just-in-time deliveries for warehoused print products. This makes them more loyal to your print shop! Prinect opens up new customer segments - and a completely new market.

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Prinect Modules Involved
Prinect Modules Involved

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