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Preflighting and Data Optimization

Get Prinected:

  • Scalable system that you can adapt flexibly to your individual requirements at all times.
  • Fast and reliable recording and correction of errors ensures high quality and smooth workflows.
  • Easy to operate for greater prepress efficiency.
Error-free print data thanks to automatic checking and subsequent data optimization.

Customer data can rarely be used 'as it is' without any changes. Check it out using the preflight - the automatic print data control tool - and identify errors before they can affect the quality of your print result. Data is checked based on workflow requirements and any errors detected are logged and - as far as possible - corrected straight away.

The choice is yours!
You determine the level of automation of your customized preflight solution. Prinect incorporates a number of combinable preflight modules that can be added to at any time. For example, you can use them to convert PostScript or EPS files into PDF documents, merge separate PDF files into composite files, put multi-page PDF documents on a sheet as single pages, or combine individual pages to create a single PDF document.

Other modules make it possible to identify errors in the PDF and correct them straight away or automatically convert fonts into vector graphics. The trapper is another convenient feature. It is used to create object-oriented traps, thereby ensuring that edges, contours and lines are printed without flashes! A further module for fully automatic color management checks your print PDFs for the color spaces, profiles and spot colors used and helps you spot potential sources of error in a matter of seconds. Color space changes from LAB and RGB to CMYK are also performed automatically.

The customized "dress rehearsal"
Check the number of colors created in the document or the resolution of embedded images. Automatically replace low-resolution images with high-resolution originals. If postpress is integrated into Prinect, marks required at a later stage can also be set. Use Prinect to send your customers single-page PDFs or entire sheets by e-mail - and obtain approval much faster.

If you use the PitStop preflighter, this is not a problem because Prinect incorporates all its functions. As a result, you can continue to use tried-and-tested processes, PitStop profiles and action lists, while also benefiting from the enhanced options of Prinect.

Efficient processes from the outset
Save valuable time! With Prinect, all you need to do for data checking and processing is assign appropriate checking processes. These processes are completed automatically and make your prepress operations much more efficient. All Prinect modules work fully automatically, but you always have the option of intervening and taking control at any time.

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