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Production Planning and Scheduling

Get Prinected:

  • Transparent, system-based planning.
  • Early warning system indicates planning conflicts and bottlenecks.
  • Efficient production thanks to optimum capacity utilization.
  • Automatic process control without manual intervention.
The integrated workflow makes all sections of the print shop clear and simple and displays the current production status in real time.

Do you process a wide variety of jobs every day, often with short runs, tight delivery deadlines and lots of last-minute changes? Do you find that, no matter how well you organize your production, your best laid plans end up being binned by midday? What you need is an overview - with Prinect! Even jobs with tight timeframes can be processed smoothly with the Prinect electronic planning and scheduling system. You can plan flexibly, utilize machine capacity to the full and identify bottlenecks long before they create a problem thanks to an early warning system. Never have you had such a clear overview. The digital planning board provides a permanent, up-to-date production status report including all scheduled prepress, press and postpress operations and machine assignments in real time. This makes it a valuable tool.

Better organization - greater speed
Prinect organizes your production operations efficiently. Whether you are preparing a schedule for the day or making a quick change, it is easy to plan all your jobs and any changes as you see fit. Questions relating to the status of a specific job or a machine assignment are answered quickly in the integrated Prinect workflow because everyone uses the same data. Up-do-date information is always available and there is no need to spend a long time looking for the details you require.

Optimum capacity utilization
The digital planning board makes it easy for you to identify similar jobs and process them on the same machines. This optimizes both make-ready times and capacity utilization, and enables you to complete even those jobs that have very quick turnaround times with ease. A simulation scenario allows you to assess difficult rescheduling operations in advance.

Once you have completed your planning, Prinect ensures that jobs and production data can be called up on the machines in the correct order. Production can start automatically. As a result, Prinect gives you better control over your deadlines and machines, making for smooth and efficient production and opening up the way for real savings in work time.

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