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Printing According to Standards

Get Prinected:

  • Precise and reliable inking thanks to standards that enable clear-cut checking.
  • Easier color and quality management.
  • Quick and simple implementation of customer specifications.
Transform your color and quality management with standards that can be checked precisely and establish reference values for the print product. Your print result is affected by all kinds of different factors - from paper grade, screen and ink to the actual press. It is only possible to perfectly coordinate proof, plate, and print if these factors are known quantities.

Standardized conditions
Prinect ensures reliable production. You can define and verify values and tolerances for a standard that are used to coordinate the proofer, platesetter, and press. This standardization ensures matching proof and print values. You can comply precisely with color values - and optimize color and quality management. Inking becomes quicker and easier and, in the event of deviations or complaints, negotiations are facilitated by logs documenting the production process. Established standards include the ISO standard and the process standard for offset printing, but specifications from other sources - such as customers - can also be implemented with the greatest of ease.

Reliability in production
Standardization benefits both you and your customers. You can satisfy customer requirements on any press, while your customers get the quality they are looking for and are happy to use you again. In the long term, this is the best way of ensuring your print shop's profitability. 

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Prinect Modules Involved
Prinect Modules Involved
The Color Workflow with Prinect
The Color Workflow with Prinect


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