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Get Prinected:
For the printer:  

  • You expand your portfolio and win new customers.
  • Quick processes thanks to standardized templates.
  • Excellent process reliability when managing layout templates.
Make sure you get repeat jobs by adding web-to-print to your portfolio.

Print products with fixed layouts such as brochures, business cards and stationery are often very similar. Just like repeat jobs, they often have only minimal changes.

Offer your customers the option of transferring their current print and layout files to your print shop.

This is done quite simply by storing editable templates on your print shop portal. You manage the files, but your customers can edit them online at any time and submit a production order. The fact that they have the advantage of being able to stop old templates being used and block any changes that break the corporate design rules makes them more loyal customers.

Standardized templates save on costs.
With web-to-print, you can also offer your own standard templates for business cards or advertising materials. Thanks to lower order processing costs, fewer complaints and less paper waste, your customers benefit from high-quality, low-cost print products.

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Prinect Modules Involved
Prinect Modules Involved

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