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CleanStar - 80 Percent Lower Powder Emissions.

The CleanStar powder extraction system from Heidelberg was developed specifically for Speedmaster presses. Its operation and performance have been geared precisely to press requirements. CleanStar minimizes powder emissions from the delivery. This results in 80 percent less dust around the press. CleanStar also reduces possible odor emissions resulting from the use of dispersion coatings.
The CleanStar system tackles the problem at source. Four extraction ducts arranged around the pile capture any stray powder and route this to an external exhaust air cleaning cabinet. Additional brush elements in the delivery clean the returning chains and grippers and ensure that coating and printing units do not become contaminated. CleanStar has a fully automatic self-cleaning system which ensures that the buildup of powder is minimized at critical positions above the pile to prevent the risk of powder falling into the delivery.
CleanStar Compact is ideal for printshops that are able to route air containing powder outdoors without filtration. It has the same components as CleanStar but works without an exhaust air cleaning cabinet.

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