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DryStar LY(Y)L - a Brilliant Solution for Double-Coating Applications.

DryStar LY(Y)L is a flexibly configurable dryer for installation between units and in intermediate units. It dries the primer laid down by the first coating unit before the second unit applies another coating. This makes it possible to apply UV coatings on top of conventional inks. It also allows you to use gold, silver, metallic or functional coatings, or to combine matte and glossy coatings.

With the Speedmaster XL 105, and other systems too at the customer's request, energy-saving recirculation of hot air is available on the DryStar LYYL dryer. Instead of immediately routing used hot air outdoors after drying, up to 50 percent of it is channeled back into the drying process - always in such a way that drying is not affected by the air's high water content. This saves precious energy.

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