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Prinect. The Print Shop Workflow.


Get Prinected.
Prinect integrates the traditionally separate areas of management, prepress, press and postpress, automates the entire printing process and boosts your print shop's profitability. Integration of all these processes leads to more efficient production workflows, offers greater transparency, and accelerates the job flow. Prinect thus makes a valuable contribution to unlocking your print shop's full potential for rationalization and optimization.
The integrated print shop with Prinect.
Heidelberg is the only manufacturer to offer a print shop workflow that integrates and manages the entire print production process. Prinect covers everything from print shop management, online customer connection, prepress and digital print workflow to make-ready optimization, color, quality, machine operation and a full range of services.


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Find out, how the Print Shop Workflow Prinect integrates and manages your entire print production process:

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