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High-Speed Cutters for Sizes Around 70 x 100 cm/ 27 ½" x 39 3/8"

The POLAR N137 PLUS, N137PRO and N137 AT (with Autotrim waste removal).
Three programmable high-speed cutters which offer a trend-setting cutting technology. The cutters are employed for precisely cutting paper, paperboard and cardboard, plastic foils etc.
The technology is the same as on the 115 series. The POLAR 137 high-speed cutters process sizes with diagonals of up to 137 cm (max. 77x112cm/ 30 5/16" x 44 1/8", e. g. III b formats). The reams with diagonals exceeding 137 cm/ 53 15/16" (i. e. a max. sheet length of 137 cm) can be turned on the rear table provided there is a retractable side gauge.
The POLAR 137 can be combined with peripheral equipment (stack lift, automatic jogger, buffer, gripper-loading system, loading and unloading systems) to form complete cutting systems that ease the workload on the operators.

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