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Suprasetter A52/A75

Heidelberg Suprasetter A52/A75

The Most Space-Saving and Successful CtP Platesetter of Its Class

One of the impressive points about the small- and medium-format Suprasetter is how compact it is. Whilst the basic manual feed CtP has a very small footprint, a Suprasetter A52/A75 with auto plate loading system is by far the smallest platesetter in its class. The small footprint allows easy integration in most print shops - the ideal pre-condition for being able to invest in Computer-to-Plate (CtP) production. The entry version, which is fully equipped with the technology of a high-end machine, offers outstanding performance features.

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Christopher Reinberger
Chris Reinberger, Reinberger Printwerks:

"I met my sales representative, Earl Meredith, early in my career. Earl represents Heidelberg but he's always had an incredibly broad knowledge of the business, both technical and practical. I can always count on Earl." "When there's an issue, some people talk to an engineer and other people talk to a salesperson. I'm lucky - I get to talk to a printer."

Christopher Reinberger
Reinberger Printwerks

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