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Prinect Data Control


Based on the CIP4/PPF standard interface, digital prepress data is converted by the Prinect Prepress Interface so as to enable exact ink presetting and presetting of Prinect Auto Register on CPC-controlled and Prinect CP2000 Center-controlled presses. Prinect Data Control receives these presettings from Prinect Prepress Interface and transfers them online to the presses. Performance data at the prepress stations is captured via customizable operating-data entry mask which can be used at any workplace regardless of the platform used (Java-based).

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Prinect Success
Success with Prinect

Heidelberg has marketed Satin Screening, its optimized frequency-modulated (FM) screening technology. The print shop Thieme in Meißen has already started using the new technology and owner Ulrich Thieme has only one word to describe the first Satin print results: "Terrific!" Success Story

Prinect - a modular, scalable, open system

Prinect integrates existing and newly developed products throughout the entire production workflow. Prinect Overview

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