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Prinect Screening Family

Prinect Rasterfamily

A Complete Palette of Screening Methods from Heidelberg

  • Access to all Heidelberg screening methods: Prinect AM Screening, Prinect Stochastic Screening and Prinect Hybrid Screening
  • Prerequisite for object-specific screening
The screening methods from Heidelberg include all classic amplitude-modulated (AM), frequency-modulated (FM) and hybrid screening methods. This wide variety ensures the best possible screening method can be selected for every process configuration and quality requirement. In AM screening, Heidelberg sets the standard with its Irrational Screening (IS), which offers optimum print characteristics and shows the required smoothness, even for difficult subjects such as skin tones. For FM screening, Heidelberg offers Prinect® Stochastic Screening for maximum detail sharpness and incredible photorealistic effects. Prinect Hybrid Screening combines the advantages of AM and FM screening in one system. It adds the fineness of FM screening to conventional AM screening for very fine screen rulings. The built-in Calibration Manager allows the calibration of the workflow for all of these screening methods and for any process standard.

Prinect Renderer can render individual objects with different screening methods and therefore ensure high flexibility for optimum image reproduction. The Screening Selector in Prinect PDF Toolbox, an Adobe Acrobat® plug-in, enables interactive assignment of screening systems to page objects under visual control.


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