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Prinect Inpress Control

The Spectrophotometric Inline Measuring System for Maximum Productivity
Prinect Inpress Control automatically measures and controls color and register on the fly and at any speed. Integrated directly into the press, the measuring unit measures process colors, spot colors and register in the print control strip. Any corrections required are forwarded directly to the Prinect Press Center for adjustment. As the press does not need to be stopped for either make-ready or monitoring of the production run, Prinect Inpress Control achieves maximum productivity.

Print shops with frequent job changes, short runs and standardized jobs benefit particularly from the strengths of this system.

The inline measurement and control system is available for Speedmaster XL 75, Speedmaster XL 105, Speedmaster XL 145 and Speedmaster XL 162.

2008 InterTech Technology Awards

Prinect Inpress Control wins InterTech Technology Award 2008 More

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Prinect Inpress Control
Prinect Inpress Control

The first printing press that sees everything. Every color deviation and every register problem. Video

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