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Speedmaster SM 74

The Speedmaster SM 74 Printing Unit Creates the Best Possible Production Conditions

  • The combined blanket and impression cylinder washup device and the program-controlled inking roller washup device ensure quick and thorough cleaning.
  • The remotely adjustable Heidelberg ink fountain and the laser-slit knife-type ink fountain enable quick and precise ink metering.
  • The speed-compensated Alcolor dampening system delivers a stable ink-water balance, and the Vario function can be activated to prevent hickeys during the production run.

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Star System
Star System

Boost your productivity, printing quality and reliability in production through an optimized addition to your Speedmaster press. Every module of the Star System is tailored to Heidelberg's print- ing presses and brings be- nefits to the entire system - comprising press, peripher- als and printroom. More

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