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Speedmaster XL 75

New Technology Review
Anicolor: The New Solution for Digital Market Run Lengths

Greater Speed and Productivity: Now Available for the 29" Format
To answer the growing demand for short runs and fast job changes, the Anicolor inking technology has been extended to the larger XL 75 format.
The zoneless inking unit allows you to change jobs in 50% of the time and with 90% less paper waste. You'll not only save on time, ink, and paper, but reduce your carbon emissions significantly. You can print up to 15,000 sheets per hour, with ink costs of less than a cent per sheet.

Anicolor Technology Review

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Customer Testimonials

 • Medienhaus Reuffurth
 • August Faller KG

Anicolor Technology Animation


Anicolor Installation

View the time lapse video of the XL 75 Anicolor Installation.

Inside the Anicolor Inking Unit


Anicolor Press Release

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