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Speedmaster CD 102

Speedmaster CD 102

The New Speedmaster CD 102 drupa 2004 Generation

The enhanced performance delivered by the new Speedmaster CD 102 from Heidelberg will bring you many advantages, such as a high degree of automation and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to its "Plus" options, printers can also concentrate more closely on the quality of the printed result. Enhanced preset functions reduce manual setup work to ensure ease of operation. Moreover, digital integration into the print shop's workflow means that jobs can be processed in due time. Advanced automation and further improvements to the feeder and delivery means that the new Speedmaster CD 102 performs better than ever before. We have completely redesigned the press and have added a large number of ergonomic refinements - innovations which make the Speedmaster CD 102 not just the most productive press in its format class, but one that offers a whole new standard in well thought-out functionality.



  • Wide range of models
  • Almost all peripheral devices are controlled using the touchscreen of the Prinect CP2000 Center via CANopen
  • Sophisticated functionality and enhanced user-friendliness
  • Maximum automation and cost-effectiveness due to ongoing developments

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