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Quickmaster DI 46-4 Pro

The Printing Units of the Quickmaster DI Pro Use a Unique Plate Cylinder with one Integrated Printing Plate Cassette Each.

During the imaging process, all four print forms are imaged synchronously in the press with complete register accuracy. This process is fully automatic and requires no manual intervention. The four imaging units, each with 16 laser diodes, image the printing plates simultaneously. When this process is complete, the printing plates are prepared for printing using the automatic plate washup device.



  • Fully automated printing plate production
  • High process stability
  • Chemical-free process

Print Media Academy
Print Media Academy

The Print Media Academy in Heidelberg offers support to the print media industry with a broad program of further education. The PMA is a center of ideas, training and future innovations accord- ing to the motto "learning from and with each other". More

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