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Quickmaster DI 46-4 Pro

A Modern Workflow Must Demonstrate Openness, Ease of Operation, Standardization, Reliability Speed, Flexibility and Quality.

The Quickmaster DI Pro processes all the popular standard formats like PDF and PostScript. The raster image processor (RIP) plays a central role within the workflow. It generates the bitmaps that are transferred to the printing plate by the lasers in the Quickmaster DI Pro. The quality of the rasterization depends on the algorithms which determine resolution, screen ruling, angling and dot shape. Prinect MetaDimension allows Heidelberg to produce an 80 l/cm screen with a resolution of 1,270 dpi.


  • Future-proof, compatible solution
  • Workflow system easy to operate
  • Automatic quality checks performed by various preflight functions ensure reliability
  • Outstanding quality of the print result thanks to screen optimization

Print Media Academy
Print Media Academy

The Print Media Academy in Heidelberg offers support to the print media industry with a broad program of further education. The PMA is a center of ideas, training and future innovations accord- ing to the motto "learning from and with each other". More

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